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Glasberg Baustoffe GmbH

Glasberg brings out the best and innovative solutions to increase life quality within all kind of buildings where people live and work, while significantly reducing the energy consumption of these buildings which are one of the major sources of energy loss all over the World. The reason why the solutions we provide are the best is that the products, which we develop wtih intensive and sustained R&D activities, meet all requirements in their target area in highest level without sacrifying one to another, besides having superior features resulting with additional benefits. And above all they are all ecological products with no harm to the nature and human health.

The insulation materials we produce under brand name Greenshield, not only provide a high thermal insulation, but also meet all insulation requirements of the building with high water repellency, higher grade fire resistance and high sound absorption. In addition, with their ability to breathe by high vapour diffusivity, to reduce building load being very light weight, to become durable and long lasting having a high compressive strength, to cause no harm to human health and environment by all natural ingredients and having many other outstanding specifications, they are excellent insulation solutions for buildings.

Innovative Insulation Solutions

Greenshield, which has been launched as a result of intensive R&D activities and use of high tech, provides a much more superior solution than conventional insulation systems.

   Thermal Insulation

   Fire Resistance

   Water Insulation

   Sound Insulation

Greenshield Natural Insulation Material


Preventing Mould and Condensation

Thanks to its vapour diffusivity, it lets the walls it is applied to breathe and prevents mould and condensation on wall surfaces.

Very Light Weight

As it is one fifth weight of regular cement based mortars, it reduces the building load and contributes to earth quake behaviour of the building.

High Compressive Strength

It is very durable against impacts having a high compressive strength.

Easy Application

Preperation is very easy. Also it can be applied with less effort with its light weight and high adhesive strength, both manually and using machine.

No Harm to Human Health

It has all natural ingredients and does not emit any hazardous gas. So it does not have any negative effect for human health.


As the main raw material is obtained by recycled materials, consumption of natural sources is at minimum and does not cause any chemical waste at any stage.

Long Lasting

Effective life is equivalent to the life of the building. And it protects the full performance during all life.


It provides savings of time and workmanship because it doesn’t need any extra application like rendering, primer, lining etc. before of after applications.

Preventing Thermal Bridges

It envelopes the building completely, also being able to be applied on any kind of surface, round shape or corners, easily, thanks to its plaster form, and provides a solid insulation for the building preventing thermal bridges.


Building Protection


Economical Solution


Easy Application


Environment Friendly